Bike-to-Work Week Roundup

UPDATE, 2:44 p.m.: Somehow I forgot to mention Mayor Price’s Southside Bike Ride, which is Saturday morning. A particularly egregious omission on my part, since I am even providing technical support at the ride start! Be sure to get out there and ride with the most bicycle friendly mayor in Texas…

In case you didn’t know, it’s Bike-to-Work Week. And there’s a lot of bike-friendly stuff going on. To wit:

  • Tonight at 7 hundreds of riders will embark on the Fort Worth edition of the Ride of Silence.
  • Tomorrow morning, look for your fearless leaders of Trinity Bicycles on CBS This Morning (that’s channel 11, and it’s early in the morning, so lay off the snooze button. We’ll make it worth your while. Bryan said he might even shave for the cameras), as we aim to give a low down on what it takes to ride a bike to work for the first time (it’s less than you probably think!)
  • Friday, Bike-to-Work Week commences with Bike-to-Work Day. The City of Fort Worth has organized four routes for group rides into downtown Friday morning, complete with refreshments and presentations. I’d be willing to bet the Mayor will be spotted on one of the routes, too!
  • There are routes from the North, South, East, and West sides of town. Our own bicyclist-in-chief, Bernie Scheffler, will be leading the South route from Travis Avenue Baptist Church (Berry @ Hemphill). Other routes will be led by Fort Worth’s Bicycle Transportation Planner Julia McCleeary, the MedStar bike team, and the Lockheed Martin Recreation Association’s bicycle club.
  • And finally, after you bike to work this week, you should consider biking to your fun activities this weekend too. We expect to see lots of bikes locked up at Friday on the Green and Arts Goggle.
  • That is all. Go ride your bike now!

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